AngelBiss Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

AngelBiss Medical Technology Co., Ltd establish her first production facility in Shanghai since 2004, mainly engage in development and manufacturing of healthcare level respiratory therapy concentrators, surgical therapy units, sleep apnea therapy CPAP and air compressors. Base upon her own reliable R&D capacity, AngelBiss has provided many quality pricing medical products to Chinese customers.

ANGELBISS, a promising brand has been registered at Germany, Malaysia, the USA and PRC China. AngelBiss Healthcare Inc, an engineering development center and the first company focus on fluctuation of oxygen concentrator and the only company capable of controlling the fluctuation rate within 0.1% when even oxygen output is at 7bar high pressure. AngelBiss team engage in development, exportation and manufacturing quality products on the field of Oxygen Therapy, Surgery Therapy, Asthma Therapy and Diagnostic Therapy. With its own unique advantages and powerful engineering capabilities, AngelBiss has provided many high-quality solutions to customers all over the world.

AngelBiss Healthcare Inc locates at California, USA. A group of electronic, biomedical and oxygen equipment engineers establish the company covers brands - ANGELBISS, SINZONECARE and WORTHY. The main business activities focus on product development, design, production, experiment, importation & exportation of medical devices and oxygen supply equipments.

The highlighted on production products are High Pressure PSA Oxygen Generator, PSA Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Supply Plant, Medical Suction Machine and. etc. Under cover of medical quality control system ISO13485: 2016 and Europe CE certificates (certified TUV SUD, Germany).
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